Trials and Bad Guys is a roleplaying adventure game for kids!

Bodie-and-HunterClass-ThiefAs The Friendly GM has become more popular and successfully brought more people into the exciting world of fantasy adventure, one question comes up again and again: “How do I play these games with my children?”Trials-and-Bad-Guys-Cover With the amount of time it takes to create a character and do that math involved in a standard roleplaying game (like Dungeons and Dragons), most kids lose interest before the game even starts. It’s just to complicated to start out with. Parents have often shared their frustration with us because there isn’t any roleplaying game on the market that is easier than the full version of Dungeons and Dragons designed specifically for kids: That is, until now!Race-Human-ChemistMonster1-SkeletonMonster2-Hydra
We made Trials and Bad Guys so that you can share all of your favorite memories of epic adventures with your children, and help them create their very own that they will treasure in their adult life. Featuring simple and streamlined game mechanics, it takes less than 5 minutes to create a character and the players guide is only one page long. However it still provides enough depth to give kids practice with simple math, and exciting full color fantasy artwork of characters and monsters provides stimulation and excitement for their imaginations! There is also a coloring book (soon to be released) of player character from every race and class, so that younger children who need to keep their hands busy can color their character while they listen to the story and follow along with the rest of the group.Monster1-Town-Guard
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The Friendly GM isn’t just for people wanting to run a game, it’s for everyone who wants to play. I have no desire to run campaigns, but reading this book helped me understand the dynamics of GMing, player interactions, and player types. It really helps a first time player get along with everyone else, in and out of character. Shan Thacker

For me personally, the greatest benefit I’ve enjoyed from buying “The Friendly GM” for my two sons, is that is has brought us closer as a family. They were so excited about it, and how it made Roll Playing games easier and more accessible for them, that they asked me to join them for a game. Now, my oldest son loves leading his brother and I through Dungeons, and we are closer than ever. We play once each week and it is a fun family bonding time that we all look forward to. So, a big “Thank You” goes out to “The Friendly GM” for bringing our family closer together. My only question for a parent considering buying “The Friendly GM” is, When would now be a good time to develop a better relationship with your children?

Dr. Corey Lewis