Prepare to enter of world of a madman who magically and mechanically enhances dinosaurs so that they can kill you in ways you never thought possible! (Seriously, we have raptors with laser beam eyes, a T-Rex with giant mechanical biceps and the “Terror-dactyl.”) Skamos, the evil and quite handsome wizard, lures gullible adventures to his island of doom filled with death traps and dinosaurs!

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he sought out Dino Donny! Once an accountant who hated his boring and meaningless life, he discovered his love of violence and eviscerating monsters!

Follow his adventures with our new webcomic series ‘Dino Donny’! Once the webcomic reaches the end of its story ark we will be releasing ‘Dino Island’, a 5th edition D&D adventure module that will allow you to have your own brutal but glorious adventure, following in Donny’s footsteps with the chance to unravel the mysteries of the island for yourself! (That is, if you don’t end up in the stomach of the BFC)

Coming soon!